Safe Meetings

Important information regarding running & attending U3A Meetings currently.

These notes should be read by Leaders/ Secretaries and all participants of face-to-face U3A meetings. They should be read in conjunction with the Group & Venue specific Risk Assessments .

  • Leaders and Secretaries must ensure the safety of members from the moment they arrive at the in the car park at the venue until the moment they leave the car park.

  • Members should put on masks whilst in their car and only remove them once they return to their car after the meeting. The only exception to this is for exercise groups where the mask may be removed whilst performing exercise.

  • To assist with the safe entering and exiting the venue the Leader should appoint two members as marshals one inside the other outside the venue. Similar to how supermarkets operated at the start of the pandemic. This way control can be maintained to ensure one group do not interact too closely with the next.

  • The leader and/or Secretary or their Marshals must ensure that adequate ventilation is provided into the room and that all chairs are cleaned before members entered the building. The same applies if tables are being used.

  • If more than 10 members are attending organising members so that they fill the front seats first, at the same time ensuring that no more than 6 members enter the venue at once. This will mean stopping members from entering until the first row of seats have been filled and members seated. Then and only then should another group of members be admitted and fill the second row of seats. This method should continue until all members are seated.

  • At the end of the meeting members are to leave one row at a time from the row nearest the exit door. Again, as with arriving not until that row of members have left the building should the next row be allowed to leave.

  • Members are to be actively discouraged from standing and socialising either at the entrance or exit to the venue, as this will cause a blockage and stop other members from entering or leaving.

  • If member needs to use the toilet either before during or after the meeting then only one member can use the facilities at a time. The member using, the facilities is to be responsible for cleaning down the surfaces after use.

  • Leaders, Secretaries and their designated Marshals should read this message before every meeting to refresh themselves on the expected arrangements before every subsequent meeting thus ensuring safety standards do not slip over time

Please help your group leader/ secretary by following these guidelines, and if asked, acting as a Marshal to help with the smooth safe running of your meetings.