Venue Restrictions

The venues used by the first groups to restart are :

  • Mytchett Community Centre

  • St Mark's

  • St Peter's

  • Wesley Hall (NCMC) see also QR Code section below

The venue conditions of use are contained in the following documents. (click on the relevant thumbnail to view the document )

All other venues used are currently closed to us, and therefore the courses normally run at these venues will not restart in September. Some may run as Virtual Meetings (aka ZOOM), others may restart later in the term. Return to these pages for the latest information.

For groups meeting at North Camp Methodist Centre (aka Wesley Hall), participants with suitable smartphones & the NHS Track & Trace App are asked to scan the appropriate QR Code at each meeting. The Group Leader's meeting register will suffice for other participants.

Refer to updated Risk Assessments (Section 5) for affected groups for further details