Emails blocked ?

If you are not receiving expected emails from your U3A (including Newsletter notifications) it may be because of one of a couple of common reasons:

  • you have changed your email address since you first notified us

  • we have not transcribed your email address correctly! is not the same as ! and other legibility issues.

If you think either may apply to you please send an email to the Membership Secretary who can check, and if necessary update your email address in our records. Please give your Full Name & Membership Number.
Email Membership Secretary

(If this link does not open a new pre-addressed email, just send an email to with a request to check/update your email address)

  • your email program is trying to protect you from SPAM, and has incorrectly identified our emails as such

If you think this might apply to you checking you have an entry for in your contact list / address book can help.