Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings - 2018-19

All meetings are held in St Mark’s Church Hall and start at 2.00pm

May 28th - The History of Wills - Jennifer Margrave

Wills have been around since Egyptian times when they were written in hieroglyphs. The talk will cover their development from then through the time of John O’Guant when they were written under church law, up to modern days times when they are written under civil law.

June 25th - The history and work of the Air Ambulance Service - Volunteer speaker

Our helicopter, based at Thruxton and is specially equipped for night flying it can land in an area the size of a tennis court and can be anywhere in Hampshire within 15 minutes. It can carry three or four crew members which means that we able to carry a doctor and a paramedic on board most flights, but sometimes a family member can also travel with the patient.