Monthly Meetings

This programme of Monthly Meetings for 2021 is subject to the latest COVID advice at the time of the meetings.

Re-visit this page closer to the meeting dates for any changes to the programme.

January 26th John Harrison Human Factors

During the last century the discipline of Ergonomics (aka Human Factors) has come to play a vital role in ensuring that our ever more complex and technological world is fit for humans to live and work in. In this talk I will give you some insights into the history of this fascinating subject that spans the divide between people and their environment. To illustrate the problems, I will describe many examples (good and bad) drawn from real life.

February 23rd Jane Lewis Fashion and Folly

This talk focuses on the alarming and bizarre things that people have done over the years to enhance their beauty and be regarded as fashionable. It may surprise you to know just how dangerous our ancestors’ clothes and makeup were and the extraordinary lengths they were prepared to go to just be al la mode. Let this be a cautionary warning from history!

March 30th Richard Elsey The Golden Age of Radio

Looking at the growth of radio through the 20s and 30s. Then at the effect of the war years through the 40s and ending with the 50s and the impact of TV.

April 27th Dan Allen The VC Facts and Fantasies

The talk looks at the origins of the VC and some of the more unusual stories that surround it.

May 25th Tony Strafford Bishops, Sex and Money

Medieval Bishops had their money in many pies and you will be amazed at how many of these you will already know about.

June 29th Tess Burrows Grannies can do anything

Tess took part in the sledge race to the South Pole in 2009 with James Cracknell and Ben Fogle as filmed by the BBC.

September 28th tba

November 30th tba