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details of selected local events run by other organisations that may interest U3A members:-

Open until end January 2019

An invitation to join a clinical trial looking at the impact of intermittent fasting and/or chewing on the production of brain cells, memory and ageing being run at King’s College London.

The trial involves a dietary intervention in which eligible participants will be asked to either follow the 5:2 diet or chew gum for 12 weeks. We will ask participants to attend our research unit near Waterloo station where we will take some body measurements, do a computer-based memory task and take a blood sample. We will be investigating any improvements in memory that is associated with a brain region called the hippocampus which is currently the only part in humans which continues to produce new brain cells throughout life.

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Pass IT On

Farnborough 6th Form College offer personalised help with technology - Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones, every Monday during term time 3:45 - 5:15

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Hampshire County Council run a wide range of meetings/ courses/ events at the county libraries that may interest you.

A full list of events throughout the county can be found here

Farnborough Library Local History Group Poster.pdf


Would you like to join or even lead an informal group meeting at Farnborough Library to discuss and study the local buildings, the aviation history and the people who lived and worked in Farnborough? click for further details