Art Appreciation

We cover any aspects of art that are of interest to the group. At each meeting a particular artist, school or genre is studied and presented by means of a PowerPoint presentation or the occasional video. Presenters are drawn from the group to encourage a wide range of enthusiasm. We touch on the historical background but concentrate on viewing and appreciating the works themselves. Once a term there may be a visit to an art gallery or exhibition.

Art History Research

We take a theme or period of art and work together to explore and increase our understanding and appreciation. Members are encouraged to share and make presentations. It can be just a few minutes or longer. There is no pressure to contribute. All are welcome to come and enjoy the exchange of ideas. We use books, videos, DVDs, and PowerPoint presentations. There are gallery visits, occasional lectures and study tours.

Book Club

At each meeting we discuss a book previously chosen by the group – contemporary or classical. Books will be ordered from the library by the Secretary so there is no expense involved. We are a friendly and supportive band of happy and inquisitive readers.


To study and discuss the design, architectural style, history, use and build of cathedrals. Then we look in details at particular cathedrals, including visits using an official guide, to see the actual building. All are welcome.


This self-help group studies UK cities in some depth. Topics covered include history, planning, transport, culture and heritage. The group members choose which city to study each term. A visit may be arranged to the city if convenient

Local Studies

To research, discuss and visit, where appropriate, sites, towns, villages, churches or country houses in our area with a view to learning more about the past, present and future.

Poetry for Pleasure 1

A friendly and welcoming group whose members range from those who are familiar with a range of poetry to those who wish to explore poetry having not read much – or any – since schooldays. A love of poetry is common to us all, whatever our previous experience; sessions are lively and inclusive and the contribution of every member is valued and respected. Each session focuses on a theme or topic and there is a focus on a poet or specific group of poets once each term. The programme is generated from the suggestions offered by members, who then make their own choice of poems for each session. Members are welcome to get in touch if they would like more information.

Poetry for Pleasure 2

We are a lively group, enjoying a wide range of poetry. Members choose different themes for each meeting and then make their own choice of poems to read and discuss.

Reading for Pleasure

Everyone gets an opportunity to suggest books, author or genre for the group to discuss. Why not join us to read for pleasure in a group context.

Writing for Pleasure

We welcome newcomers with open arms, to this happy band. Our aim is to explore many genres of writing; we do prose, short stories, poetry, all interspersed with chat and laughter

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