Keep Fit for All

This group, which is led by a qualified tutor, has been designed for all who want to keep fit through gentler exercise. Chair or standing exercises will be set to music and incorporate equipment such as resistance bands and balls. The aim is to have fun while stretching, mobilising joints and improving circulation.

Keep Fit Ladies (4 Groups)

Being active encourages good health, improves stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. This is a low impact exercise class set to music. A reasonable level of mobility and fitness is required. Also a a self help group using apparatus to improve and maintain fitness.

Keep Fit Men (3 Groups)

To improve and maintain fitness using apparatus (eg cycles, rowers, weights etc).

Pilates (5 Groups)

Exercise programme designed to improve posture and correct imbalances using precise movement.

Groups for people with some experience of Pilates, and beginners.


A tutored group developing this ancient Chinese martial art into a low impact moving

meditation, to improve health both physically and mentally. Suitable for all abilities.

Water Aerobics

Fitness exercises in water. Suitable for non-swimmers. We do not meet during the school holidays.

Yoga (Intermediate & Mixed Ability)

A tutored class for men and women to improve overall well-being by gentle exercises. The focus is on practice with overall body and breath awareness combined with gentle stretching and toning as well the benefits from the relaxation and calming of the mind. If you have an injury or had a recent operation please come along to regain your strength and ability (after checking with your doctor).

Zumba Gold

A fun and invigorating dance exercise for older adults. The group, led by our lively and encouraging tutor, is friendly and welcoming.

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