Art History Research see Arts section

.Family History ~ Computer

A group exploring the use of the internet in family history research. Some familiarity with computers, the internet, and email is advisable.

Family History Discussion

A friendly self help group for those who wish to trace their family history. Both beginners and more experienced researchers are welcome.

History - Talking about

A self-help group that researches, on a personal basis, a topic chosen by the group. This research is debated by the group to identify any implications/consequences for present day matters.

History European

For this year the group will focus on The mysterious Etruscans. A powerful people who appeared in Italy in the 8th Century BCE. They preceded the Romans, who after centuries of conflict and rivalry, conquered and absorbed this brilliant civilisation

Military History

A self help group studying and making presentations on aspects of military history.

Social History

We share our memories and knowledge on the effect of change on our own lives and those who went before us.

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