French Basic

For those with basic knowledge of French, using the BBC publication French Experience 1.

French Chat

A small group for fluent French speakers who are interested in French culture and current affairs. Members must be prepared to take an active part in conversation and discussion.

French Intermediate

An intermediate group to encourage people with a knowledge of the French language to practise and improve their written and spoken skills in everyday situations.

German Continued

A friendly, relaxed weekly class led by an experienced language tutor for those with some basic German or half-forgotten school German.

Italian Continued

A fortnightly group for those who already have a basic knowledge of Italian. Emphasis on speaking and listening, with just enough grammar to extend & improve our Italian.

Italian Conversation

Alternating with Italian Continued, a self-help group wishing to improve their fluency in spoken Italian through discussion, listening to CDs etc. Native Italian speakers particularly welcome


A friendly group for those who already have a good basic knowledge of Latin - we are currently studying Cambridge Latin Course book 3. Please contact Carol Homer by phone or email to make enquiries about the class.

Russian New members are welcome. No prior knowledge is required. Those in the group who have some knowledge will help newcomers.


We are a small group that read books and also have time for chatting about current news. You have to be able to get by in Spanish to be able to follow the group's advancements.

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