Bird Watching

Visits are made to nature reserves; sometimes locally, but typically between an hour and an hour and a half's drive away. Car numbers are minimised and costs are shared. We are a self-help group and welcome experienced birdwatchers and newcomers alike.

Current Affairs

This group engages in a lively but good natured discussion of topics currently in the news. This inevitably includes controversial political and social subjects.


Cycling usually rendezvous fortnightly on Fridays at 1.20pm for a 1.30pm start, somewhere in Rushmoor for a fairly leisurely ride of 8 - 10 miles sometimes stopping for refreshments. Occasionally we deviate and meet outside Rushmoor and/or earlier for a longer excursion. We have all sorts and conditions of members and are mutually supportive. So, even if you have just retrieved your bike from the dark recesses of your shed, please join us.

Folk Dancing

We dance traditional, square and barn dances. It's great fun and good exercise. No previous experience required.


Sessions are arranged on a variety of gardening topics. Visits to gardens will be arranged.

Line Dancing Beginners/Intermediate

Line Dancing - a form of dancing which does not need a partner. Provides fun exercise with a qualified tutor.

Suitable for absolute beginners and those who have some experience.

Town/Country Visits

Will be to places of general and historical interest, with guides where available.


Foreign countries and possible holiday destinations seen through the eyes of the traveller, supplemented by PowerPoint presentations, video and slides.

Wine Appreciation

Tasting of wines from around the world, led by an expert.

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