These are some of the most popular groups in our U3A. There are restrictions on numbers in each group, and the number of groups an individual can join. Please note our categorisation:

Strollers ~ 1½ hours

Ambling ~ 4 - 5 miles

Walking ~ 5 - 6½ miles

Trecking ~ 6 -12 miles


1½ hours. These are on reasonably flat public rights of way through farms and heathland, with an optional pub lunch. Boots or walking shoes and wet weather gear are required.

Ambling (2 Groups)

Country walks of about 4-5 miles, gentler than the Walking Group, with the opportunity for a pub lunch afterwards. Occasional day walks &/or during the Easter and Summer breaks. Strong shoes/walking boots required.

Walking (4 Groups)

Country walks of between five and six and a half miles, lasting for about two and a half hours. Occasional longer walks lasting all day. A pub lunch is arranged if required. Boots or strong footwear necessary. Walks continue every two weeks throughout the year.

Trekkers (3 Groups)

Group aiming to cover distances between 6 & 12 miles on each outing. Most walks will start and finish at the same point, usually a Public House, however a few might be single direction walks with the use of public transport in the other direction. Some groups arrange Pub Lunches, some bring sandwiches.

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For full information on any activity, including schedule, location and contact information please see the relevant section in the Yearbook