Industrial Archaeology meetings

topics to be covered by the IA group at their regular Friday Meetings.

Please contact the group before attending if not enrolled as a IA group member. See the Yearbook for further details of the group.

11 Jan Christmas Lunch at the College Gallery restaurant

18 Feb Professor Monique Simmonds Plants, Kill or Cure

Professor Simmonds is a top botanist and advisor to Kew Gardens .

4 Mar Coach outing to Brooklands

Please contact Duncan Miles to book a seat.

12 May (Thursday). Coach trip to Chelsea Physic Gardens and Chelsea Army Museum.

u3a general and Industrial Archaeology coach trip . Contact Duncan Miles.

10 Jun Roger Cansdale Heroes and Villains of the Basingstoke Canal

The most remarkable thing about the Basingstoke Canal is that it still exists, because there were many times when it could have

been abandoned. The fact that it wasn't is due to a relatively small number of people who popped up at critical moments in its history. Some of them acted from perfectly respectable motives, but others from fraudulent and criminal ones.