a single group for 2021-22


Throughout the COVID pandemic Trekkers have, whenever Government regulations allowed, offered walks to any member of the 3 Trekker Groups. This arrangement has worked well and the walks have generally been well supported.

Membership of the Groups has always been fluid and many of our members walk in one or more of them. It was felt therefore that it would make sense for the 3 Trekker Groups to be merged into a single Trekker Group from the start of the new term on 16 September 2021. In effect this means that existing members of one or more of then current Trekker Groups automatically become members of this new single Group.

This new Group offers a weekly walk ranging from 6 to 12 miles.

Trekkers are a self-help group and current and future members are encouraged to put forward walks for inclusion in the programme. There are plenty of resources available with local walks in them and assistance can be given in helping any member to organise one.

Trekkers would welcome new members so if you are interested in joining us please get in touch.

Chris Bean