Who & What We Are

Information about each of the over 100 groups is to be found in the Yearbook.

Introduction to the U3A

U3A is a UK movement of retired and semi-retired people who come together to continue their educational, social and creative interests in a friendly and informal environment.

Farnborough U3A

The Farnborough and District U3A was set up thirty years ago. It currently has almost 1100 members and the information about each of the over 100 groups is to be found in the Yearbook. The groups are mainly led by members and offer a very wide range of educational, leisure and social activities.

The Third Age Trust

The Farnborough and District U3A is a member of the Third Age Trust which is the umbrella organisation. It supports local U3As in developing their activities. The ethos of the organisation is one of self-help using the wealth of experience and knowledge of its members for the benefit of all.

How many groups can you join?

There is no limit on the number of groups you may join although some groups have physical and other constraints which oblige them to limit numbers. When enrolling, you simply indicate on the application form which groups you wish to join. If you wish to join a group during the year you should telephone the person shown as the Contact for that group.

What does it cost?

The annual membership fee is £30 (if joining for the Summer Term: £15). Attendance at most groups is free. Some groups have a professional tutor and a charge is made for these to cover the tutor’s costs. A charge is also made for those attending groups which require a costly specialist facility.

How to join

You can join by visiting the ENROL page of this website, or contact the Membership Secretary, Richard Llanwarne, membership@u3afarnborough.org.uk or telephone Lesley England 01252 659183. The 2019/20 year commences on the 16th September 2019 but you can join at any time through the year.