Monthly Meetings for 2022

Farnborough U3A Monthly Meetings 2022

All meetings are held in St Mark’s Church Hall and start at 2.00pm

these meetings will revert to ZOOM if necessary; check the website prior to each meeting.

we also plan t experiment with running "hybrid" meetings -
where the St Mark's meeting is streamed via ZOOM to enable members to watch from home -
more details will be posted on the website closer to the meeting dates.

April 26 You - the jury ~ Peter Thompson

Peter was a practising barrister based in London for 27 years then he switched to become a Solicitor for another 18 years. This talk, based on his experience, is set in The Old Bailey and focusses on one of his cases there in the 1970's.

May 31 Bishops, Sex and Money ~ Tony Strafford

Medieval Bishops had their money in many pies and you will be amazed at how many of these you will already know about.

June 28 It’s not what you say ~ Alan Jones

Ever wondered why you feel attracted to some people and avoid others? Most of us form an opinion about someone in just 90 seconds and rarely change our mind. But it is not based on the way people speak, or even what they say. Discover how Body Language speaks louder than words when we communicate with each other.

September 27 The Golden Age of Radio ~ Richard Elsey

Looking at the growth of radio through the 20s and 30s. Then at the effect of the war years through the 40s and ending with the 50s and the impact of TV.

November 29 The Gentleman's Magazine: A Panorama of Georgian Surrey for Family and Local Historians ~ Julian Pooley

Founded in 1731, the Gentleman’s Magazine was the world’s first magazine, reporting domestic and foreign news, announcing the latest discoveries in science, medicine and technology, reviewing books and recording freak weather, births, marriages and military promotions. Its obituaries laid the foundation for the later Dictionary of National Biography and are a major source for the lives and deaths of thousands of 18th century people. This talk provides an introduction to the magazine, explores its value for family and local historians and uncovers hidden stories of Surrey people and the county’s history throughout the Georgian period.