Industrial Archaeology meetings

topics to be covered by the IA group at their regular Friday Meetings.

The Westminster Lecture theatre at Farnborough College of Technology is back to normal, and with sensible social distancing, good attendances are expected.

Please contact the group before attending if not enrolled as a IA group member. See the Yearbook for further details of the group.

Friday 12th November. Bespoke Weapons in WW2.

Following Arthur Kearse’s analytical study of the Dam Busters for our recent Zoom, Arthur will give more fascinating surveys of various weapons.

Friday 26th November. German WW2 Fortifications in the Channel Islands.

Chris Shaw has lectured to us recently on Millmead Wier, Guildford, and this talk is the result of studying and researching the fortifications over a period of more than 30 years. Chris is known worldwide for his expertise in reinforced concrete.

Friday 10th December:
Special meeting to celebrate Pat Sedgwick’s unbroken 28 years of running the Group.

The meeting (in the usual lecture theatre starting at 3pm) will comprise a short slide show of past Study Weeks, a speech by the Chairman, and vote of thanks by Bill Joint. The celebration will conclude with a bouquet of flowers presented by Pat’s son, Ivan.