Risk Assessment

Guidance for Spring Term 2022

Risk Assessment & Health & Safety document

Specific guidance for Spring Term 2022 (click down arrow to expand)

All planned activities should take place as timetabled for the Spring Term.

Everyone should follow the current Government guidelines.

• Wear facemasks indoors, please wear them properly covering both your mouth and nose.

• When speaking during an event as either a presenter or participant you may temporarily remove your facemask while speaking. Step back from others in the room and give them some space while you speak. Replace your facemask when you have finished speaking.

• During physical activity indoors as long as you leave space between yourself and others you may remove your facemask.

• All indoor spaces should be well ventilated but not to the extent that you get cold, hypothermia is not a good outcome.

• It is suggested that regular lateral flow tests are done by members, and in the event of a positive test you isolate in accordance with the guidelines. We rely on our members’ honesty as we cannot enforce compliance.

Outdoor activities are unaffected and you may continue with these in line with government guidance, no facemasks are necessary.

We are all responsible for our own well-being. If you are not comfortable with participating in any of our activities don’t feel pressurised into taking part. We will understand if you decide that some or all activities are not for you at this time.

Risk Assessment & Health & Safety Document (below)

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