Autumn 2020

last updated 15th November

On this series of web pages you will find all that is currently known about groups and venues open for the Autumn term 2020. NB Nothing has been booked beyond December.

These pages will be updated whenever new, or revised information becomes available.

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The TIMETABLE shows at a summary level the status of all groups currently scheduled to run.
Contact details for groups meeting can be found in the
Autumn Programme (aka Short Yearbook)

General guidance for running/ attending Safe Meetings can be found in SAFE MEETINGS

All groups that are running are subject to a Risk Assessment (RA) which details any special conditions that will apply to all attending members. You should read and comply with the conditions in the appropriate RA for your group(s) listed in GROUPS.

All venues open to our U3A have notified us of any special conditions they have imposed for our continued use of their premises The continued availability of the venues for all our groups depends on all groups observing the conditions listed in VENUES

Leaders/ Secs. should........

  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant RA & Venue conditions.

  • If any of your group don't have internet access please make a paper copy of both documents for them,

  • Keep a paper copy of your RA & Venue conditions with you at your meetings for reference should it be needed.

  • Print sufficient copies of the Group Signature Sheet (last page of the RA) which all participants should sign on their first attendance.

  • For Exercise Groups only, submit a completed group attendance form to Wendy Cornelius ( after every meeting. Scanned copies, photos are acceptable.

  • Advise group members of any changes to RA/ Venue conditions made during the term.

all participants should..........

  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant RA & Venue conditions.

  • Check the Dates, Times & Venue for you groups in the TIMETABLE, as many of these have changed since last year.

  • Do NOT attend any meeting without confirmation from the Group Leader/Sec. that you are expected. There are venue imposed limits to group numbers that we must comply with.

  • Sign the Group Signature Sheet provided by your Group Leader/ Sec. at your first meeting
    please bring your own pen to the first meeting for this purpose.

  • Inform your Group Leader/ Sec of reason of any non-attendance at any meeting.

  • Continued membership of your groups depends on you complying with these RA/ Venue conditions at all times; this is for your safety as well as the safety of all your fellow members.

Keep Safe & enjoy your activities.