Roberts Hall

a new venue from September 2021 updated with notes on heating - 26th September , folding tables 2nd November
stacking chairs 6th November.


Go down Priory Street and where it bends left, go straight ahead into a parking area marked Priory Street Playground.

Roberts Hall is on the extreme right, down a track as you pass the tennis courts are on your right-hand side - a small grey prefab building.


Priory Street Recreation Park has a car park you can also park in front of these buildings which are opposite the tennis courts. Failing this you can park by turning right just before entering Priory Park and then park up the hill towards the back of St Michaels.


The Hall is normally locked.

Every Group Leader that meets at the hall has been issued with their own key.

The door requires both the key and a code for a combination lock to be opened to allow access and closed at the end of the meeting.

Tables & Chairs

Additional tables & chairs can be found in the store room near the entrance. The tables are new & quite stiff especially when folding down. A special tool (to be found hanging from the window catch next to the tables in the store room) to assist with this task has been provided.

Please ensure that your group returns any tables or chairs taken from the store room after your meeting, and replace the special tool.

For info the tool looks like this.

Stacking chairs

When returning the chairs to the trolley they should be stacked so that the chair legs sit inside the trolley handle as this secures them. If stacked differently the chairs become unstable and can easily fall off the trolley and injure the person or persons near the trolley.

Roberts Hall address is

Roberts Hall

Priory Street


GU14 7HX

Roberts Hall Heating

The heating controls are located to the right of the kitchen on the wall, as illustrated below:

Heating can be set for either an 60 minutes or 30 minutes. If the heating turns off during your meeting simply press the button to turn it off. There is no need to turn the heating off when you leave the building, it will automatically turn itself off when the timer runs out.