Monthly Meetings

The Monthly Meetings for September and November will be run as Zoom meetings at the request of our speakers.

It is planned to introduce these meetings from St Mark's Hall, and members will be most welcome to join Jim and others in the Hall. However the whole meeting will be streamed via Zoom for all other members.
(Zoom logon details on the Next Meeting page)

Social History & Industrial Archaeology hold regular face-to-face meetings which are listed separately for the benefit of members who may consider joining either of these groups.

See the Yearbook for details of Venues etc.
Please contact the individual Group Secretary before attending.

Tuesday October 26th ~ AGM

Tuesday November 30th (venue tbc) Ian Keable
The Century of Deception: The Birth of the Hoax in the Eighteenth Century

The 1700s was a period when the people of England seemed to be especially gullible. They believed a woman could give birth to rabbits; a man could climb inside a two pint bottle and sing inside it; and where a blond-haired European could write a book claiming that he was born in Taiwan. These hoaxes weren't just written about extensively in newspapers and journals but also brilliantly and amusingly depicted by satirical artists such as William Hogarth and James Gillray. In this entertaining talk Ian demonstrates how 18th century hoaxes are memorable not only for their imaginative nature but also because of the differing motives of the tricksters